“Running Man” fortune teller talked about Song Ji-hyo’s love horoscope in 2022, “She has a bad taste in men”

The 2022 New Year’s fortune of the “Running Man” members will be revealed.

The Dec 26th broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man” will deliver the members’ New Year’s fortune, including Song Ji-hyo’s love horoscope.

The recent recording had time to solve the members’ New Year’s fortune. In particular, Song Ji-hyo’s love horoscope in 2022 became a topic of discussion among the members. The fortune teller told them, “Song Ji-hyo has a bad taste in men. Everyone has to help her because she may get hurt.” Upon hearing this, the members agreed, saying, “That’s right.” In addition, they made Song Ji-hyo angry by revealing her past love stories without hesitation.

song ji hyo

Besides, the fortune teller hinted at Song Ji-hyo’s performance in 2022, “There will be times when you take on a different challenge in a movie or drama.” Song Ji-hyo, who usually does not express her inner feelings, replied, “I’m having a hard time these days. I think I should stop solving fortune”, raising questions about what was really going on.

song ji hyo jeon so min

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min asked, “Why doesn’t (Yang) Se-chan like me?” and the fortune teller said, “Se-chan likes young women.” Yang Se-chan, who seemed to be caught off guard, exclaimed, “Can you see that?” The fortune teller even added surprise by stating, “Jeon So-min has an unusual ability.”

se chan song ji hyo seon min

“Running Man” is scheduled to air at 5 PM on Dec 26th.

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