Rosé (BLACKPINK) extremely “pampers” fans…Give fans special gifts every birthday!

On the occasion of her birthday, BLACKPINK’s main vocalist Rosé gave fans an extremely sweet song.

On Feb 10th, BLACKPINK’s “Australian rose” – Rosé officially turned 26. The global group’s main vocalist is famous for her warm, sweet and caring personality. Even though it’s her birthday, Rosé doesn’t forget the fans who always accompany her. Rosé warms fans’ hearts with special gifts. Rosé used her most seductive “weapon” – her voice every special occasion.

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To mark the brilliant 26 year old, Rosé chose to cover Stephen Sanchez’s song “Until I Found You”. This is a song filled with love. BLACKPINK’s main vocalist performed this song to express her affection towards fans. In particular, when singing this song, she did not change “her” to “him” as a way of implicitly supporting the love of all people in the world. Rosé’s sophistication is causing a widespread fever. Rosé’s voice is getting more emotional and powerful, and she deserves to be one of the top vocalists of her generation.

Not only covering, this year she also uploaded her childhood photos as a way of thanking fans for their support.

Earlier on her 25th birthday, Rosé also caused a fever by releasing a cover video for Coldplay’s hit “Lavi La Vida”. Rosé turned her voice into the most special gift. With Loren’s accompaniment, Rosé made fans’ hearts flutter as she showed off her unique voice and perfect English pronunciation on the rustic guitar background. Aside from explosive moments on stage, the image of Rosé simply singing her favorite songs is enough for fans to enjoy forever.

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In 2019, Rosé covered Halsey’s “Eyes Closed” on her 22nd birthday and received many compliments. Rosé’s sweetness is fully expressed in the way she always gives gifts to fans. Rosé’s love for music can be felt whenever she sings and through the way she uploads covers on her birthdays.

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