RIIZE’s Wonbin, TXT’s Beomgyu, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin: Idols Who Become Long-Haired Icons

These idols have created the era of long-hair male idols

Among the 4th and 5th generation male idols, “long hair” has been popular recently. In particular, long hair has become a trademark for these three idols below.

Among the fifth-generation idols, RIIZE’s Wonbin is considered a representative long-haired idol. Wonbin, with his AI-level perfect beauty, stands out among SM’s rookies and is talked about by many K-pop fans. Wonbin appeared with long hair from his debut teaser image, standing in the center of all stages, ranging from the pre-debut song “Memories,” the first single title “Get A Guitar” and the second single “Talk Saxy.”

Beomgyu of TOMORROW X TOGETHER is another determined long-haired handsome man. He is a representative “handsome and pretty” idol with a powerful dance line and the lowest voice among TXT members. Beomgyu also showed off his visuals in his unique style for the song “Catching That Feeling” from TXT’s third full-length album released last month.


Prior to them, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin has been the leader of the long hair trend in the fourth generation. Hyunjin was active with short hair at the beginning of his debut, but two years after his debut, he changed to long hair for the song “God’s Menu” of the group’s first full-length album in 2020, giving fans a visual shock.

Source: daum

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