The reasons why STAYC is so popular in Korea!

Among the current Kpop girl groups, STAYC is very popular in Korea. STAYC debuted in November 2020 with the title song “So Bad” and gained a good amount of attention. The group then released another song called ‘ASAP’ in April 2021 and their first mini-album ‘STEREOTYPE’ on September 6. STAYC’s digital music achievements are quite stable and get better with every comeback. They also often receive positive responses.

Notably, compared to the 4th generation girl groups of Big 3, STAYC only debuted under a small company, High Entertainment. However, since their debut, they have soon obtained a lot of love from Knets thanks to both visual and performance skills.

A special point about STAYC is that in contrast to their “rival” aespa, STAYC members currently have not been involved in any controversy over their personalities. Knets rarely leave negative comments on the group, mainly targeting the stylists or the company for letting the group sing inappropriate lyrics. Apart from a few exceptions, every time an article about STAYC shows up, the comments are usually positive, mostly praising the 6 girls’ visuals or efforts to improve their live singing skills.

Thanks to a friendly, pretty, and refreshing image, STAYC quickly gets many endorsement deals after less than a year of debut. Recently, a trending post on a Korean online forum has made a compilation of the brands that STAYC currently represents.

The muse for the handbag brand SAMANTHA THAVAS

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The muse for the eco-friendly handbag brand MY SHELL

stayc 2838163917386131

The muse for the Body care cosmetic brand CELLUVER

stayc 983972830139313

The muse for the contact lens brand LENSME and glass frames brand GLASSME 

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stayc 298392379801376256837918

The representative models for Philip’s earbuds

stayc 2093876821378017932

The representative models for cosmetics brands Nature Collection, Dr.Belmeur and CODE GLOKOLOR of LG Household & Health Care

stayc 283762163783017631

Collaboration with SK Telecom on human digital project on the JumpAR application

stayc 0398728397810376528913
stayc 2983761837193762

The brands that STAYC represents may not be as big as aespa, but considering that the group comes from a small company and is just a rookie, Korean netizens believe that these brands pick STAYC because of their image, not because they come from a famous company.

This also proves the influence of STAYC in Korea at the moment. We all know that brands only choose ambassadors and models who are truly adored and trusted by the public. So their pick being a rookie group like STAYC says it all.

Moreover, the set of photos that STAYC members recently took for the brand Celluver also became a trending topic on Theqoo. Many Knets commented that the High Up girls really suit the shooting concept that makes customers want to buy the products right away.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • They’re such an all-visual group!
  • The kids are so pretty ㅠㅠ I’m a fan of another idol group, but I really like STAYC.
  • If I were a brand, I would also choose the pretty STAYC members.
  • In fact, isn’t STAYC not any less popular than aespa?!!
  • They really have a refreshing and pretty image like TWICE. It would be hard to hate on them!!
  • Wow, coming from a small agency but their popularity isn’t bad!! Congratulations STAYC!!
  • Because they’re pretty and have a good image, they get so many advertisements. I think all the ads were well chosen! They give off clean and bright vibes, everything looks good!
  • Their visuals and skills are both good. Their images are also nice and clean. Also they have the advantage of an all-Korean lineup.
  • The Celluver x STAYC photos are going viral. Looks really impressive and visually satisfying!
  • First of all, they are loved by the public because the members are all Korean.
  • I’m glad that STAYC is getting popular. They come from a small agency but are doing quite well. I hope the girls will always be happy and successful!

What do you think about STAYC’s popularity in Korea?

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