Entertainment reporter reveals the “goosebumps” reason why Jung Ryeo Won attended Gong Hyo Jin’s wedding today ft. Son Dam Bi 

The behind-the-scenes story of the “breakup” of singer and actress Son Dam Bi with her friends has been revealed.

On October 11th, Lee Jin Ho, a former entertainment reporter, posted on his YouTube channel a video titled “The goosebumps reason why Jung Ryeo Won attended Gong Hyo Jin’s wedding | The reality of Son Dam Bi’s absence”.

Gong Hyo-jin Son Dam bi Jung Ryeo-won

Lee Jin Ho said, “One of the most important topics today is the wedding of Gong Hyo Jin and Kevin Oh. It was held in New York. Many people are interested because it’s a celebrity with a career like Gong Hyo Jin who gets married. But information can’t be accessed because she got married unofficially in New York. In addition, the wedding is a small one that only friends and family members were invited to. Rumors of Son Dam Bi’s absence are emerging. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of rumors about Son Dam Bi’s absence. It’s something that big portals and big media outlets have put up a lot.”

Lee Jin Ho said, “It was a huge topic of discussion. First, Son Dam Bi and Lee Kyou Hyuk got married in May. However, the problem was none of the celebrities who were known as Son Dam Bi’s best friends attended. Soy, Im Soo Mi, etc. Even Gong Hyo Jin clicked ‘Like’ after seeing a photo posted by another acquaintance, not one posted by Son Dam Bi on her SNS. Another one of her best friends, Jung Ryeo Won, also did not attend the wedding and did not click ‘Like’. If she clicked ‘Like’, there would not have been rumors of a discord. They appeared on ‘I Live Alone’ together. On the show, they revealed they were BFFs. So her absence was questionable. No matter how many schedules you have, you should be able to arrange them to attend your best friend’s wedding. Especially for Jung Ryeo Won and Gong Hyo Jin because they are the main actors. Also, it is not difficult to press ‘Like’ on SNS. It is possible even if you are far away.”

Lee Jin-ho said, “The staff was also able to understand because they knew they were best friends with Son Dam-bi, but no one attended. So this feud was a matter of course. However, on the day of the wedding, there was no need to spread rumors of discord. Five months later, Gong Hyo-jin held a wedding. A wedding was held where only acquaintances and family members could attend. Only Um Ji-won and Jeong Ryeo-won were invited. Jeong Ryeo-won did not attend Son’s wedding in May and went to Gong Hyo-jin’s wedding in New York? Many people know that she attended a film festival in London and then went to New York. Jung Ryeo-won has already been shooting for a clothing brand in the United States. So there was an American schedule. But the filming is in LA, it’s a very tough situation.”

Regarding the stop loss rumor, Lee Jin-ho said, “The story of Son Dam-bi was said to have a ‘fisherman’, but the two sides explained that ‘there was nothing’, and after that, the stop loss rumor appeared in earnest. Misunderstandings grew and they got to where they are now. Even their parents were hurt. It is true that the “fisherman case” is decisive, but there was another incident in front of it. One person in the family tried to do business, and even though best friends helped, the business did not proceed. So at a similar time in the situation where the conflict occurred, a “fisherman incident” occurred, and Son Dam-bi moved away from the family group. Some people ask if it makes sense to move away from these minor conflicts, but it’s not the first time they’ve had a break-up. Han Ye-seul was one of their best friends. She was also in the same agency. But at some point, Han Ye-seul was not seen. Han Ye-seul had a hard time because she had a medical accident, but she seems to have cleared up her surroundings while overcoming this period. But it wasn’t a fierce fight and a fuss,” he said.

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