Real-life Version Of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Song Joong-ki on ‘King of Mask Singer’, “I Didn’t Have Song Hye-kyo”

“Steel Troops” senior master Choi Young-jae revealed his unexpected singing skills on “King of Mask Singer”

Choi Young-jae made a surprise appearance on the December 3rd broadcast of “King of Mask Singer” as ‘Baseball Batman’ and sang a duet stage of “One Step Further” with ‘Basketball Courtmant’ in the first round.

Baseball Batman made the judges and viewers curious as he presented his sweet and light voice tone. In particular, “One Step Further” original singer Yoon Sang gave a favorable review, saying “He would turn all the songs into ballads”. However, he lost to ‘Basketball Courtman’ in the first round and had to reveal his face. Everyone didn’t expect to find out that the owner of such a sweet voice was a physically strong man who appeared on “Steel Troops”.

King of Mask Singer

After unveiling his identity, Choi Young-jae said, “I can do everything well, whether it’s cooking or beauty care, but my only weakness is singing”, adding “I came to this show to prove that I can sing”. During the interview with the MC, Choi Young-jae said, “Similar to Captain Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) in ‘Descendants of the Sun’, I belonged to the same unit and have the same rank and military number as the character. I’m also the same age as the character in the drama and also experienced overseas dispatch. However, I didn’t have Song Hye-kyo, drawing laughter.

Regarding his fateful love story with his wife, Choi Young-jae said, “I met and fell in love at first sight with her when I was a freshman in college. We are the same age and studied the same major. Our birthdays and blood types are also the same. After dating for 10 years, I went on the Lebanon peacekeeping mission. The day before the deployment, we decided to get married because we felt like we might break up if I just left like that.”

King of Mask Singer

Lastly, he said, “I believe that people in uniforms, like soldiers, police officers, firefighters, etc., are true heroes.” For the encore song, Choi Young-jae sang Lim Chang-jung’s “Marry Me” and conveyed affection for his wife.

Meanwhile, Choi Young-jae appeared as a panelist and senior master on Channel A’s “Steel Troops” in 2021 and impressed viewers with his cool charisma. He has also showcased his pleasant talks and personality, unlike his strong image on “Steel Troops”, in various entertainment programs.

Source: Daum

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