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Quachuhyung “Men’s bluffing… People who are not at ease can do that”

Quachuhyung and RalRal will appear on “Witch Hunt 2022”.

In episode 5 of TVING’s original program “Witch Hunt 2022“, which is scheduled to be released on September 2nd, MCs Shin Dong-yup, Kim Eana, Code Kunst, Bibi and special guests urology specialist Quachuhyung (Hong Sung-woo), creator RalRal (Lee Yu-ra) will have a conversation on the theme of “unspeakable secrets”.

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In the pre-released video, Kim Eana brings up the bluffs of “red-eared brothers” Shin Dong-yup and Code Kunst, who have been curious about Quachuhyung. Quachuhyung made everyone laugh by adding his opinion to Kim Eana and Bibi’s suspicions, “People who are not at ease can do that.” He then speculated that one of these two could be very proud of themselves, making Shin Dong-yup and Code Kunst burst into laughter.

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Quachuhyung delivers his expert opinion on the secret romance of men that many people have been curious about, raising expectations for the story to be released in the main broadcast. RalRal, who usually makes headlines due to her outspoken spicy love counseling with Quachuhyung, is expected to play an active role with her unique easy-going volubility.

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Meanwhile, on “Witch Hunt 2022”, there is a story that makes even the master of reenactment Shin Dong-yup bewildered, saying, “How should I act this?” Kim Eana and Bibi share their empathy-filled worries, “This is a story that women can relate to.” In addition, the story of a male junior who appeals in a novel way with HPV vaccination and the interesting world of couple waxing that is popular these days will unfold. It also deals with stories about various gender identities and orientations.

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