“Promise full support” FIFTY FIFTY, will they change their minds?

Girl group FIFTY FIFTY’s agency Attrakt said that they are still waiting for the members to return.

On August 9th, the Civil Conciliation Division 50 of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Park Beom Seok) proceeded with a mediation for the injunction to suspend exclusive contracts filed by all FIFTY FIFTY members against their agency Attrakt.

The mediation was conducted privately. Attrakt’s officials, Aran and leader Saena’s parents attended with their respective lawyers and had a mediation of more than 2 hours.

A mediation is proceeded when it is considered that the plaintiff and the defendant want to resolve their dispute through agreements. If mediation succeeds, it can take effect as the final judgment.

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If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the court will make a decision instead. If either side does not accept the decision, lawsuit trials continue.

The court gave both FIFTY FIFTY and Attrakt a week and recommended that the parties meet more until August 16th to talk honestly about whether or not to continue mediation. In fact, mediation was not established, but both sides showed their willingness to accept private meetings and showed positive signs of future mediation.

However, the variable is the intention of Keena and Sio, who did not attend the mediation. FIFTY FIFTY’s side said that after confirming the intention of Keena and Sio, they would respond to future meetings and mediation.

Attrakt’s lawyer told Xports News, “The company’s position is that if there’s a misunderstanding such as settlement, let’s return to the company and resolve it through dialogue. We always hope and want FIFTY FIFTY members to return.

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Attrakt’s lawyer emphasized, “If they return, we’ll do our best to bring FIFTY FIFTY back to its old state with full support. Of course, the premise is the return of the members.”

At the first trial held in May, the members cited Attrakt’s incompetence and nonfulfillment of the contract as the reason they initiated the lawsuit. The agency argued “There were serious misunderstandings or intentionally distorted explanations of the transaction structure”, and complained that they could not even contact the members due to a hidden force behind them.

Currently, FIFTY FIFTY members have suspended all activities and are in an exclusive contract dispute with Attrakt. While the court recommended that an amicable agreement be reached, such as later reconciliation rather than compulsory execution, attention is paid to whether the members will return to Attrakt, which is still waiting for them.

Source: Daum

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