Production company of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” increases its market cap by 150 billion won, stocks soar by 91% 

The success of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” raised its production company’s market cap by about 150 billion won.

On September 7, in the latest episode of Mnet’s variety show “TMI NEWS SHOW”, the ranking of celebrities who sell out items was revealed.

Actress Park Eun Bin took first place. Park Eun Bin recently gained great popularity by playing the lead role in ENA’s buzzworthy drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. After the “Woo Young Woo syndrome”, the production company of the drama has increased its market capitalization by 150 billion won, and its stock price has risen by about 91%.

In addition, whale-related items that Park Eun Bin wore in the drama also received great attention from the public.  Whale-shaped watches, whale keyrings, brown cross-body bags, and headsets have continued to sell out every day.

In particular, the cost of a whale watch was about 240,000 won, but after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” aired, the price soared to over 400,000 won. The headset Woo Young Woo likes to wear, which cost 349,000 won, are all sold out now, making it impossible to get them. 

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” recently ended with great success, recording the highest nationwide viewership rating of 17.5% according to Nielsen Korea. Park Eun Bin plays Woo Young Woo, a genius lawyer with an autism spectrum.

Source: nate

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