“Poverty cosplayers” in the entertainment industry trying to fool the public? There are stars who deserve praises for showing real maturity in poverty

While some stars are criticized for using poverty as a method to draw empathy, many celebs silently take poverty as a motivation to pursue their dreams and spread good influence.

Lee Sang-min, who has a debt of 1.64 billion won, lives in a two-story house with a monthly rent of 2 million won. The father of Jannabi’s Choi Jung-hoon, who revealed his semi-basement studio on variety shows, was investigated by the police on charges of entertaining politicians. The father of Lee Yi-kyung, who questioned “What’s tiring about work? Poverty is tiring” to talk about his difficult life, served as a former CEO of a large company. In response to these cases, the public feels as if they were hit on the head for a moment.

Poverty, which was once something celebrities wanted to hide, has now become the concept of youth and growth. You were hurt and that’s youth, and there’s no one who doesn’t love a faithful young man. Some people used ‘poverty’ as a concept to touch people’s hearts but were later got called ‘betrayals’. The word “poverty cosplayer” has become a joke among the public.

However, there are stars who show “real maturity”. Many famous people don’t let their poverty be shown but draw empathy with simple and honest confessions. They eventually use their pains as stepping stones for their own growth. This gives a completely different lesson.

jeong hyuk iu

Jung Hyuk, a model-turned-broadcaster who appeared on the broadcast of MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star” on October 5th, confessed his childhood growing up in a small family, which was a recipient of basic living. When Jung Hyuk, who used to be treated as an outcast because he was not as clean as others, confessed that “Gag Concert”, which provided laughter to viewers every Sunday night, was the light that allowed him to laugh as much as he wanted, the public showed deep sympathy.

Jung Hyuk, who used to receive help from others as a recipient of basic living, touched the viewers as he expressed his desire to help others. Even now, he is still spreading his warm influence. In the end, his pure dream of becoming “Mr. Long Legs” makes anyone want to support him.

Jang Won-young miumiu

IU is also famous as a star who often shows her kindness to others. The story of IU moving around her relatives’ houses when she was young due to her family’s difficulties is already so well-known among the public. IU, who used to clench her teeth and endured whenever a relative said “Is she still here?” or “She might be a celebrity one day but I would be a millionaire before then”, finally achieved her dream and became a top singer representing Korea and the star of other stars. 

Park Ji-yong

Since then, IU has been practicing donations steadily. In particular, IU’s donation always draws attention as it clearly shows her concerns. IU, who started caring about the issue of single mothers after appearing in the movie “Broker” (directed by Hirokazu Koreeda), delivered a total of 210 million won in donations to the Single Mothers Family Association on her birthday. On Children’s Day, she continued to donate for children from single-parent families, and children whose social protection has ended are also of interest to IU. Her big donation every time a national disaster occurs also warms the public’s heart.

kim shin young lim young woong

Lim Young-woong, who fell down on a bicycle and suffered enough to bleed but couldn’t go to the hospital due to his poor family, is also listed as a good influence star through donations, and Kim Shin-young, who used to live in a shack and gained weight due to poverty, expressed her desire to donate rather than receive a birthday present this year.

lim young woong

Poverty, of course, is not a shame. Anyone can talk about it enough. However, if they steal even this and make it an object of consumption, there will be a third party who will be hurt after the public realize there are betrayed. Therefore, we applaud the altruism and maturity of those who silently go their way amid people who are embarrassingly doing poverty cosplay, and those who use poverty as an opportunity to look back and take care of people who are suffering more rather than displaying it as a fuel for popularity.

Source: daum

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