Police “Aside from Lee Sun-kyun, we are conducting internal investigation into another celebrity”

While actor Lee Sun-kyun faces allegations of drug use and has been named a suspect, the police are reported to be conducting an internal investigation into another well-known celebrity

According to The Kyeonggi Shinmun, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency received information about drug use by another famous celebrity and initiated an internal investigation.

While the identity of this celebrity, whether they are an actor, singer or broadcaster, remains undisclosed, they are believed to be someone with significant public recognition.

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A police official explained, “It’s true that we are conducting an internal investigation into another famous celebrity (regarding allegations of drug use) along with Lee Sun-kyun. Since it’s an ongoing investigation, we cannot provide further details at this time.”

Earlier, on Oct 23rd, Lee Sun-kyun was booked on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act related to the use of marijuana and psychotropic drugs from January to the present.

Furthermore, the police arrested A, the owner of an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam. They also booked B, an employee of an adult entertainment establishment. In total, the police are investigating 5 individuals in connection with this case.

han seo hee

The well-known figures who have been implicated in the Lee Sun-kyun drug case thus far include “the third generation of chaebol family” Hwang Hana, “former K-pop trainee” Han Seo-hee as well as “composer” Jung Da-eun, who is Han Seo-hee’s ex-lover.

Han Seo-hee, who has been convicted three times for drug-related charges, including the use of Philopon, was previously sentenced to three years in prison with a four-year probation period for using marijuana with former BIGBANG member T.O.P.

Bigbang T.o.p

Hwang Hana was found guilty of using drugs together with actor Park Yoo-chun four years ago, receiving a one-year prison sentence with a two-year probation period. However, during her probation period, she was arrested again for drug use and sentenced to one year and 8 months in prison. After being discharged from prison, she made a public appearance with her father on a KBS1 program where they discussed her rehabilitation treatment.

Jung Da-eun first gained attention when she appeared on a variety show in 2009 and was noted for her resemblance to a famous movie actor. She was previously convicted of drug use in 2016 and 2021 and served a prison sentence. However, she is currently reported to be under arrest again for Philopon use and is undergoing a police internal investigation.

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