Photos inside the funeral of rapper Iron, his sister spoke up, determined to not publicize the cause of death

The family of the male rapper member who missed BTS decided to stop the investigation and keep the cause of his death secret.

 On January 25, the public was shocked by the news that the male rapper Iron has passed away at 29 years old. The Runner-up of Show Me The Money 3 was found lying on his stomach, unconscious, bleeding in a flower tub outside an apartment in Junggu, Seoul. Iron was immediately taken to hospital but did not survive.

 Immediately, the police entered the investigation of the death of the male rapper. The investigation agency said there was no sign of Iron being murdered, but it was not able to conclude that the male rapper committed suicide, the police have not found the suicide note and will consult with his family about having an autopsy of the male rapper or not.  However, today (January 26), the male rapper’s sister interviewed with Edaily, clarified about the death of her brother, and said that Iron’s family would keep the cause of her brother’s death a secret.

Photos inside the funeral of rapper Iron

 Specifically, the male rapper’s sister said: “From the beginning, our family did not intend to conduct an autopsy. We finished the relocation ceremony at 2 pm this afternoon. It was heartbreaking to see the articles saying that the police are discussing the autopsy with our family, and other speculative articles.

 Iron’s sister has also refused to reveal the cause of her brother’s death to ensure privacy for the deceased.  Iron remained in touch with her family until recently, she said. Iron is depressed by music because he is too perfectionist, but didn’t have any health problems.

 “Iron’s student who was involved in the December assault came to the funeral today. The truth is different from what is revealed to the public, and he doesn’t have a strained relationship with us either.  We hope there will be no more posts of speculation.”- said the male rapper’s sister.

Photos inside the funeral of rapper Iron
Photos inside the funeral of rapper Iron

 Some photos from the rapper’s funeral have also been revealed. Iron’s funeral took place at the National Medical Center Funeral Home in Seoul.  The male rapper is expected to be buried at 5:00 a.m. on January 28 at Seoul cemetery.

Sources: kenh14

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