PENTAGON Hui lives in a big house and drives a fancy car? Ridiculous rumors

Hui, a member of boy group PENTAGON, directly refuted rumors about himself leading a luxury lifestyle. 

Recently, PENTAGON member Hui participated in an interview and discussed his journey in the Mnet audition show “Boys Planet”. At the same time, the male idol took it on himself to refute a rumor related to his lifestyle.


In particular, when he was participating in “Boys Planet”, it is rumored that Hui was residing in a luxurious villa with a view over the Han River, as well as driving a luxury imported car. 

Regarding this, Hui said, “I am still living in the dorms and driving a Carnival (from Korean automobile brand KIA) whenever I have schedules. I have never driven an imported car from the F brand in my life, nor do I own an apartment that oversees the Han River. When I first heard the rumors, I was like, ‘Wow, I sound cool’, but none of them are true.”

On the other hand, Hui did not make it into the Top 9 of “Boys Planet” and has returned to his group, PENTAGON. 

Source: VKR

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