Park So-dam On Battling Papillary Thyroid Cancer, “It takes 8 months for my voice to come back”

“I cried every day at the beginning of the filming because I was tired”

Actress Park So-dam revealed that it took eight months for her voice to return after battling papillary thyroid cancer.

On December 11, Park So-dam and Seo In-guk appeared as guests on the YouTube show “Everyday Is Thursday” hosted by Cho Hyun-ah.

When Cho Hyun-ah suggested a “no alcohol drinking broadcast” in consideration of Park So-dam, who had been battling papillary thyroid cancer, Park So-dam said, “Is it because of me? I can drink,” adding, “It’s been a while since I did the surgery, and it’s better to show people that I’m healthy. I thought I should be careful because there are people who have the same pain as me, but the doctor said it’s okay to drink. I just decide not to drink alcohol.”

“I was not okay for a while, but I think I’ve been trying to show myself that I’m okay,” he said, adding, “I hear a lot of people around me say that I look comfortable these days. I’m really okay. I can drink a beer, and I’ve improved my health and mental condition enough to confidently say that everything is getting better.”

Park So-dam

Park So-dam recalled her feelings immediately after the surgery. “I’ve done a lot of things that I haven’t done yet. I thought, ‘I really need to live a better life now. I need to have more fun.'”

Park So-dam shared, “It took about eight months for my voice to come back. I’ve tried to recover and get better before that.”

Park So-dam is preparing to return to the small screen with the web drama “Death’s Game.” Regarding the drama, she recalled, “I cried every day in the beginning of the filming because I was tired. I thought I shouldn’t bother the other actors, the director and the staff who trusted me. I started working because I thought it was okay, but it was so hard for me who wasn’t actually okay,” Park said. “But I’m really okay now.”

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