Park Seo Joon reunites with viral ”M-row 11 fan” after 6 years, “How have you been?”

The “M-row 11 fan” of Park Seo Joon, who went viral in the past, has met with the actor again, drawing attention. 

In 2017, during the stage greeting for the movie “Midnight Runners”, Park Seo Joon chose an audience member sitting at seat 10, row M, as the event winner. Hearing this,  A fan sitting in M-row 11, lamented loudly saying “Ah, why 11?”, drawing huge attention.


Later on, Park Seo Joon appeared on IU’s YouTube channel and sent a video message to the aforementioned fan, promising to find them if they came to the stage greeting for his movie “Dream”.

As a result, the fan really attended the “Dream” stage greeting.

At the event, the distributor of “Dream”, Plus M Entertainment, explained, “The legendary M-row 11 fan is at the ‘Dream’ stage greeting.”

A video also showed Park Seo Joon saying, “It became a huge topic… ‘Ah, why 11?’, you shouted, and it’s been almost six years.”


“We met like this because the movie was released”, the actor also said, adding, “How have you been?” Afterwards, he burst into laughter upon spotting the fan’s boyfriend.

On the other hand, as the viral “M-row 11” fan finally met Park Seo Joon after six years, congratulatory messages are pouring in.

Source: Nate

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