Park Eun Bin, Son Heung Min and Samsung Chairman Lee Jae Yong selected as “People of the Year 2022”

The result of “People of the Year 2022” survey have been revealed.

HRTech company Incruit announced the result of the “People of the Year 2022” survey, which was conducted on 1333 Incruit members within 4 days from Dec 19th to Dec 22nd. Accordingly, actress Park Eun Bin, soccer player Son Heung Min and Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae Yong were selected.

Park Eun Bin Son heung Min Lee Jae Yong

The survey was divided into three categories (broadcasting/entertainment, sports, economy/business). They selected the most impressive person for each field and explained the reasons for their choices (based on hot topic rate, achievement recognition, interest, expectations for future moves, and values). 

Broadcasting/ Entertainment 

park eun bin

Actress Park Eun Bin (23.7%) was named the No.1 in the Broadcasting/Entertainment category of “People of the Year 2022”. Among the reasons for choosing Park Eun Bin, ‘hot topic rate’ accounted for the largest percentage (46.2%). It seems to have been thanks to the success of the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which recorded high ratings and even created Woo Young Woo sensation. 

Park Eun Bin was followed by No.2 idol group BTS (19.8%), and No.3 “The Roundup” actor Son Seok Gu.


Son Heung-min

Soccer player Son Heung Min ranked 1st in the sports category with 53.7%. He topped the survey in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and regained his top spot this year. Son Heung Min was voted for mostly due to ‘achievement recognition’ (45.4%). His name was reflected with leadership and his captain role in leading the national team to advance to the Round of 16 at the recent Qatar World Cup.

Soccer players Cho Gue Sung (14.8%) and Lee Kang In (10.5%) came in No.2 and No.3, respectively.

Economy/ Business

Lee Jae-yong

In this category, Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae Yong (33.8%) achieved No.1 this year. Among the reasons, he was mostly voted for with high ‘expectations for future moves’ (53.4%). Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, who ranked 1st last year, came in 2nd place in this year’s survey with 27.4%. 

The biggest feature that can be seen in the “People of the Year 2022” survey is the emergence of new faces. Actress Park Eun Bin had never appeared in the rankings, topped the list. Other new names are Son Seok Gu, NewJeans, Cho Gue Sung, Lee Kang In, etc.

Source: Economy News

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