Park Eun Bin calmly shared Baeksang behind-the-scenes, even after her speech got criticized

Actress Park Eun Bin, who won the Grand Prize Daesang at the Baeksang Arts Awards, shared behind-the-scenes moments.

On May 9th, Park Eun Bin posted behind-the-scenes shots from the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony on her account, along with the caption “20230428” (the day when Baeksang was held). 


The published photos were taken by Park Eun Bin’s agency before and after the awards ceremony, showing the actress’ elegance. In particular, Park Eun Bin first appeared calmly in a splendid gold gown, but after the ceremony, couldn’t hide her excitement after receiving Daesang.

With this latest update, it seems that Park Eun Bin has remained calm after a recent controversy over cultural critic Kim Gap Soo’s harsh comments.


In particular, on May 1st, Kim Gap Soo appeared on a TV show and criticized Park Eun Bin. At the time, the pop critic expressed his discomfort about Park Eun Bin crying when winning the Grand Prize at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, claiming that the actress lacked etiquette and should not have let her emotions erupt.

He even compared Park Eun Bin’s behavior to that of actresses Tang Wei and Song Hye Kyo, causing a huge controversy.


However, after facing backlash due to his comments, Kim Gap Soo eventually apologized on May 8th. The pop critic claimed that he had no intention of targeting Park Eun Bin, and emphasized that he liked the content of the actress’ acceptance speech. 


When she received Daesang at a prestigious awards ceremony like Baeksang, Park Eun Bin delivered a well-organized, meaningful, and elegant acceptance speech, setting an example. However, a person with a “critic” title made a sniping remark on a broadcast, simply because of the actress’ show of emotion. 

Now that Park Eun Bin finally shared behind-the-scenes shots with a comfortable heart, she has shown the true grace of a Daesang winner.

Source: Nate 

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