Park Bom caught attention with her “S-line” body

Singer Park Bom showed her “Barbie doll” body after losing 11 kg

Singer Park Bom revealed her sexy charm by revealing her S-line body after losing 11kg in the photo released on 20th April.

In her pictorial interview, singer Park Bom said about her voice, “I’m just grateful that many people like it.”

She also revealed her unchanged friendship with 2NE1. Park Bom said, “I tried to meet the members often” and she said, “Everyone is busy with their career.” She said, “All of the members are working hard and I feel good because they are doing well. When we met, we talked a lot about the reunion.”

She also said that the pop star Ariana Grande is the artist she wants to collaborate with: “I am stuck in the Ariana Grande song and I’ve been listening to it all the time.” She also wanted to work in the United States.

Meanwhile, there are many rumors spreading on social networks that 2NE1 is about to reunite. On April 14, Korean media reported that 2NE1 would reunite with all 4 members. Accordingly, the new song will be produced by leader CL. Earlier, on April 10, Park Bom revealed on KBS Cool FM that 2NE1 has recorded a surprise together but they were not sure about the release. However, CL’s agency immediately denied this information. CL’s representative said that 2NE1 members had visited CL’s studio, but they did not record any songs. The statement from CL’s side makes netizens quite disappointed. However, fans still hope that all 4 talented girls will together appear on the same stage again in the near future.

Source: Nate

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