Park Bo-young Was Not Happy At Manager’s Terrible Photo Taking Skills In New Vlog

Actress Park Bo-young expressed dissatisfaction with her manager’s photography skills

On December 8, Park Bo-young‘s agency BH Entertainment posted a video showing the behind-the-scenes footage of her winning the Best Actress Award at the London Asian Film Festival.

Standing on the red carpet for the London Asian Film Festival, Park took several photos to post on social media. When Park took selfies, her manager asked, “Do you have any tips to take good selfies?” Park replied, “I didn’t look good in this photo.” Then she asked again, “Any tips to take good selfies?” and replied, “I turn on the photo editing app.”

Park Bo-young, who started taking selfies again, said, “I should take it with an app. This one (phone’s original camera) doesn’t look good.”

Park Bo-young later checked the photos taken by her manager and expressed dissatisfaction. Then, she complained to her manager, saying, “Why are you still not good at taking pictures after three years of being my manager?” Then, the manager replied, “There are a lot of good ones (out of the photos I took),” and Park Bo-young pouted.

Meanwhile, the movie “Concrete Utopia,” starring Park Bo-young, was released in August and has been invited to various film festivals.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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