Park Bo-gum Received Compliments From Big Seniors For First Musical Role

Park Bo-gum is receiving favorable reviews for his first musical performance.

Park Bo-gum has been performing on stage since the end of last month with the musical “Let Me Fly.”

Park Bo-gum, a musical major in Myongji University’s Film and musical department, is showing his delicate acting skills and outstanding singing skills. “Let Me Fly,” which drew a lot of attention as his musical debut, is becoming successful through word of mouth.

Among them, actress Ha Hee-ra drew attention by leaving a review of the performance on October 14th.

Park Bo-gum

Reportedly veteran Ha Hee-ra shared a photo with Park Bo-gum with the caption, “I laughed and cried while watching the performance. The production was so nice and heat-warming. Above all, it was great to see a new side of him.” “I was more moved to tears because he was able to convey to the audience how hard he tried and worked,” she wrote in a review. 

The actress added, “A time when everything was perfect in acting and singing, a beautiful journey of time. Thank you for inviting me,” she said, expressing her gratitude to Park Bo-gum. 

Actress Lee Tae-ran, who watched the performance with Ha Hee-ra that day, also shared, “I had a happy time thanks to you. Thank you.”

Park Bo-gum

The public is also positive about Park Bo-gum’s first musical, in which even actors who have long experience in the field do not spare support and encouragement. 

Internet users are praising the actor’s performance, saying, “I hope it goes viral because it’s good,” “I want to see it, too,” “His stage acting was good,” and “His eyes, expressions, and voice are all crazy.” 

Meanwhile, the musical “Let Me Fly,” in which Park Bo-gum is starring, will be performed at Yes24 Stage 1 in Daehak-ro, Seoul until December 10.

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