Only ENA? Broadcasters of Park Eun-bin and Kang Tae-oh’s previous TV series are also excited amidst Woo Young-woo Syndrome

Amid the rising popularity of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, broadcasters of previous works starring Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, etc., are also taking advantage of their old content.

JTBC seems to be the most excited. On the 21st of last month, JTBC’s Youtube channel “DRAMA Voyage” uploaded the second part of its edited video using scenes from Park Eun-bin’s drama “Age of Youth” and Kang Tae-oh’s “Run On”. The phrase “Extraordinary First Love Song Ji-won” was written on the upper left of the video. Song Ji-won is the name of Park Eun-bin’s role in “Age of Youth”.

The content was published under the title “[Park Eun-bin X Kang Tae-oh] Editor who is crazily immersed in Woo Young-woo, it’s all delusional in the end… The romance of a born single VS born single on another level”. Netizens responded explosively, saying “This is what I wanted”, “SBS missed Woo Young-woo, ENA got Woo Young-woo, JTBC is the most enthusiastic rower on the flow”, “Take responsibility if you even made this, make another drama”, etc.

In addition, acting collections and making film edits with content from previous works of Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh and Kang Ki-young. The titles of these videos are also unusual. They draw laughter by using buzzwords from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, such as “Tactician Kwon Min-woo” and “Wild Card Woo Young-woo”, or Lee Joon-ho (Kang Tae-oh)’s famous line “I like you. I like you so much that it feels like I’m sick inside”.

KBS is also taking full advantage of Park Eun-bin and Jeon Bae-soo’s “The Ghost Detective”, Kang Tae-oh’s “The Tale of Nokdu”, Kang Tae-oh and Ha Yoon-kyung’s “Drama Special – The Effect of One Night on Farewell” to make content on their Youtube channel “KBS Drama”. There are various videos, such as “Woo Young-woo becomes a detective who catches ghosts?! Youngwoo’s dad, who becomes a villain to help ghosts, don’t do that to Park Eun-bin”, “The amazing past of Lee Joon-ho, who is flirting with Woo Young-woo X Spring Sunshine Ha Yoon-kyung (feat. Close your eyes Woo Young-woo)”, “If Joon-ho is a villain, does your heart beat fast for him…? I’ll be sad that you don’t watch this melo-historical drama of Kang Tae-oh”, etc. 

CJ ENM’s digital channel are also following the trend. Ha Yoon-kyung’s appearance in tvN’s “O’PENing – What are you do in the office, Share?”, Joo Jong-hyuk’s performance in TVing’s original series “Happiness” and “Yumi’s Cells” are being treated as the past of Choi Soo-yeon and Kwon Min-woo in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. These contents are making the viewers immerse themselves in the characters even more.

Regardless of the narratives and characters of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, video clips of past entertainment programs in which the cast actors appeared are also drawing attention again. In particular, the compilation video of Kang Ki-young, Kang Tae-oh and Joo Hyun-young’s appearances on “Radio Star”, which was released on a Youtube channel run by MBC on July 25th, has exceeded 2.55 million views.

Regarding this trend, an official from a broadcasting company said to Sports Seoul on August 2nd, “As the digital content market grows, digital-related departments have been created within broadcasters. The team’s performance indicators are the number of subscribers and views. That’s why we try to follow the trend by quickly using memes that are popular among the public. Members of this team are usually those of the young generation. This is why broadcasters react to the current trends faster than they did in the past.”

Source: daum

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