Daily life appearance of the lovely actress Park Ji-hoo, the female lead of Netflix’s hit drama “All of Us Are Dead”, is drawing keen attention

Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead” has maintained its No.1 spot on Netflix Worldwide Chart for 7 consecutive days. The drama actors are also receiving huge attention.

Park Ji-hoo

All of Us Are Dead” has opened a new era of “K-Zombies”, causing a global sensation and drawing favorable reviews. Among the main cast actors, Park Ji-hoo is receiving huge attention from global fans.


On February 4th (local time), an online media site drew attention after sharing daily photos of Korean actress Park Ji-hoo, who recently became famous after appearing in the drama “All of Us Are Dead”.

Born in 2003, actress Park Ji-hoo is turning 20 this year. She plays the role of On-jo in “All of Us Are Dead”.

In the drama, On-jo is a character who will not let go of her friends’ hands even when she is about to be bitten by the zombies. In fact, Lee Cheong-san (played by Yoon Chan-young) has a crush on On-jo.

After being trapped in her school where the zombie virus spreads, On-jo lost her best friends one by one. Although she is not an excellent student at school, On-jo boasts great survival skills and also discovers her leadership ability while coping with crises.


Although the role On-jo creates a rather dark atmosphere in the drama, Park Ji-hoo’s real-life image turns out to be completely opposite. This media site released several photos of Park Ji-hoo’s daily moments that reveal her lovely and bright charms.

Park Ji-hoo, who has just turned 20 years old, shows off her young and playful appearance in real life.

Park Ji-hoo drew attention as a rising actress in Chungmuro (the Korean film industry) by expressing the calm daily life emotions of the 14-year-old middle school student Eun-hee, the main character in Park Ji-hoo’s debut film “House of Hummingbird”.

After two and a half years, Park Ji-hoo drew global attention again. The number of her Instagram followers soared from 33,000 to 1.86 million.

Let’s look through the lovely daily life photos of Park Ji-hoo, who has recently become globally famous through Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead”.

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