Oh Chang-seok “I and Kim Kyu-sun had a daughter after dating for 10 years, but I abandoned her” (“The Witch’s Game”)

Actor Oh Chang-seok heralded an impressive villain.

On Oct 6th, the press conference of MBC’s new daily drama “The Witch’s Game” was broadcast live online. Director Lee Hyung-sun and actors Jang Seo-hee, Kim Kyu-sun and Oh Chang-seok attended the event.

oh chang seok

“The Witch’s Game” depicts a bloody confrontation between two mothers and daughters sacrificed to a great evil. Director Lee Hyung-sun of “I Summon You, Gold!”, “A Man Called God”, “Park Jung Kum, Heavenly Beauty” and writer Lee Do-hyun of “Family Secrets”, “Secrets and Lies” collaborated.

Oh Chang-seok plays Kang Ji-ho, who becomes a prosecutor in the special inspection team at the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office after going through the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Oh Chang-seok said frankly, “I decided to join because I heard Jang Seo-hee would appear. I thought the drama might record a basic rating of 15%.”

oh chang seok

Regarding his character Kang Ji-ho, Oh Chang-seok explained, “Kang Ji-ho dated Jung Hye-soo (Kim Kyu-sun) for 10 years and they even had a daughter, but he still dumped her. They can live together, but if he says no, then it is no. If Kang Ji-ho wants to get something, he has to get it. He is honest with his emotions. Whenever he has a goal, he tries his best until he achieves it.”

oh chang seok

Oh Chang-seok, who promised to show an impressive villain, confessed, “I think I’ll be hated a lot. I did ‘Princess Aurora’ in 2012 then did ‘Jang Bo-ri is Here!’ the next year, and both got good ratings because my characters were disliked a lot. If I’m hated in MBC works, these works will get good ratings. In this work, my character is detestable itself, so I’m looking forward to the result even more.”

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