No:ze and Leejung appeared with Lisa in Taeyang’s “Shoong!”, may join the stage

In the performance video of BIGBANG Taeyang’s “Shoong!” (ft. Lisa of BLACKPINK), dancers No:ze and Leejung also appeared. 

On April 26th, it was confirmed by Star News that No:ze and Leejung appeared as dancers in the performance music video of Taeyang’s new song “Shoong!”, which also features BLACKPINK Lisa. The media outlet also revealed that dancers from “Street Man Fighter” also participated in “Shoong!” performance video.

In addition, an official from No:ze’s agency confirmed to Star News, “No:ze did appear in the “Shoong!” performance music video.”


“Shoong!” is a track from Taeyang’s new EP album “Down to Earth”, which was released on April 25th, and the song gained attention with the feature of BLACKPINK Lisa.

As Taeyang revealed the performance music video for “Shoong!”, it is expected that he will also promote the b-side track alongside his title song, “Seed”. According to Star News, Taeyang also plans to perform “Shoong!” on music shows along with “Seed”. Although BLACKPINK Lisa, who participated in the featuring of “Shoong!”, will not be able to join Taeyang’s stage due to scheduling, there is a possibility that the dancers who appeared in the performance music video will join the stage. As a result, there may also be a chance to see No:ze and Leejung’s encounter on stage.

Lee Jung

Meanwhile, Taeyang’s latest album “Down to Earth” consists of a total of 6 songs, and is the male idol’s first album in 6 years. In particular, alongside the title track “Seed”, “Down to Earth” also includes the digital single “VIBE (Feat. Jimin of BTS)”, (which was released in January), and b-side songs “Shoong! (feat. LISA of BLACKPINK)”, “Reason”, “Inspiration (feat. Beenzino)”, and “Nightfall (feat. Bryan Chase)”.

It is known that Taeyang wrote the lyrics for the album himself, candidly sharing his story and  exudes confidence in being a “masterpiece”. At the same time, global K-pop fans are showing a heated response as BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Lisa, Beenzino, and Bryan Chase participated in the featuring.

Source: Daum

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