No need to act in films, BTS members have chances to experience various type of roles

BTS’s members’ transformations in reality show makes fans look forward to actual acting skills of the male idols.

At present, BTS members are challenging many roles in their career, from singers, MCs to advertisement models. And there is a field that many ARMYs surely want their idols to try for once. That’s acting field. Since each music video requires each member’s acting ability as BTS’s MVs mainly describe the character’s psychology and emotion, we can see that if the members have chances to officially cast in a film, they may fly high with their skills. The clear proof for this is V, who had his first role in “Hwarang” drama. Therefore, BTS’s fans are really looking forward to seeing BTS members as actors on the screen.

However, BTS members always desire to focus on their music career, but they also don’t want to let ARMYs down. That’s why BTS’s company is really clever at meeting the demands of both the fans and the members, the company puts film character in BTS’s game-shows. There are different concepts each week. These frequently seen film characters are not only creative but also diverse and hilarious, satisfying ARMYs while they watch their idols.


Most of Korea fans are familiar with the images of handsome boys in coffee shops, these boys gently and calmly make coffee for their beloved girl. This concept has attracted many women and fluttered their hearts.
And of course, BTS’s film writers can’t miss out this kind of character, they immediately transform the male idols into princes in coffee paradise.


Boys are most attractive when they concentrate on their work, and making pottery is a challenge that requires great patience.

However, this elegant image only remains for 5 minutes, after that, everything becomes a mess as everyone is amateur.

According to J-Hope’s comment, Jin is trying to create the Eiffel Tower and eventually, the rotation seems to go endlessly.


School boy is a concept that always attracts fans the most, especially for teenagers who desire that there are some handsome seniors to appear in their school, but reality is painful, this dream only exists in films. Despite the fact that the members are overage for school, this mature school boy image produces a significant effect.

The boys are planning to “flirt” in their own styles. And the main actress of this romantic film is the group’s charismatic rapper – Suga.

Using this bold flirting method, Jungkook’s affection is completely thrown away by Suga.


The good and the bad push and pull like magnets do. Therefore, police and criminal concepts also have a lot of chances to be developed.

For example, the police officer V is total ignored by J-Hope the criminal, who is having a suspicious affair with the Head police officer Suga. Jungkook detective, because he wants to make it more real, does similar hairstyle to Conan’s himself.


Beside handsome and attractive concepts above, the program writers are also wiling to challenge the boys with strange and funny character images. Just like those street singers, this concept seems to be based on the real images of BTS members and they just need to hype up with the karaoke songs.
The song “Wind Memory” with many high notes helps the main vocals Jungkook, Jin and RM to breathtakingly raise their voice.

In addition, there are many different roles such as: athletes, spy, gamer, cook. Despite not being invested in emotion, filming angles and suitable outfits, at least BTS members have experienced and acted in a natural way by finishing given missions.

Let’s look forward to a near future that we have chances to see BTS in actual acting roles.

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