NMIXX Sullyoon and NewJeans Minji are classmates, netizens speculated 

Known to be powerful visuals of their respective groups, Sullyoon and Minji may be extremely close.

Recently, a post titled,NMIXX Sullyoon and NewJeans Minji are classmates” went viral on one online K-pop community.

In particular, the original poster discovered that both Sullyoon and Minji are going to Hanlim Arts High School, and major in Entertainment.

sullyoon nmixx minji newjeans

Meanwhile, there is only one class for students majoring in this department at Hanlim Arts High School. In addition, as both Sullyoon and Minji were born in 2004, they would be on the same grade, and thus likely to be classmates.

Since JYP’s NMIXX and HYBE’s NewJeans are among the hottest rookies of the year, and both Sullyoon and NewJeans are known for their overwhelming visuals, the post has been receiving a lot of interactions, with netizens hope to see a friendship between the female idols, as well as cute interactions.

Fans and netizens alike are flooding the original post with comments like: “Wow, if they were my classmates, I would never skip a class”, “I can’t wait to see their interaction at year-end music festivals!”, “I wish I were their classmate, too”, and more.

Source: sbs

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