“We want to let viewers interpret the MV in their own ways” NewJeans talks about their new release “OMG”

Girl group NewJeans appeared as guests on “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” radio program to promote their new song “OMG”.

NewJeans members (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein) guested on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”, which aired on the afternoon of January 3rd, and shared various talks with DJ Choi Hwa Jung.

During the broadcast, Choi Hwa Jung asked NewJeans, “Did you expect to be such successful rising stars like this?”, the members got embarrassed and answered, “We didn’t expect this at all”.

Hyein then said, “When I listened to our song for the first time, I already thought that it was a nice song”, adding “In the case of many songs, we get used to them after several listens, but as soon as I listened to our song for the first time, I thought ‘How can it sound so good?’. That song was ‘Attention’”.

Regarding the reactions of people around the members, Danielle shared, “There are times that I feel like in a dream”, adding “Especially when I’m on the stage, I often feel, ‘This can’t happen. It’s definitely a dream’.” Minji also said, “I was so surprised that my relatives liked our songs so much”, adding “My friends called and worriedly asked, ‘Aren’t you busy?’.”

The members also introduced their new song “OMG”. Regarding the music video of “OMG”, which is being interpreted in different ways by netizens, Hyein said, “Before filming the music video, the director and our CEO discussed its meaning”, adding “We thought it would be more interesting to let viewers interpret the music video by themselves, so we leave the meaning open.”

When DJ Choi Hwa Jung mentioned “Hype boy” challenge that was participated by many people, Danielle said, “Every time we found anyone does the challenge, we share it with each other”, adding “Sometimes their performances gave new vibes, and sometimes we were impressed because they did so well”.

Choi Hwa Jung also asked the members about their promise for No.1. Haerin said, “To be honest, we haven’t thought of anything new yet, but we will do something fun”.

The DJ continued, “When you’re with the members, who is the funniest?”, Haerin said, “Everyone has their own funny points”, adding “Hyein is especially good at impersonating”. Choi Hwa Jung then asked Hyein to do an impersonation, and Hyein drew laughter as she impersonated Danielle.

One listener asked NewJeans, “Who is the first member to wash up after finishing group schedules?”. In response, Minji said, “We have an order for taking shower”, adding, “According to our routine, if today we go with Minji – Hyein – Danielle, the other day we will change to Danielle – Hyein – Minji”.

Revealing the news that NewJeans donated after receiving profits from their first album, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked the members about their plans when getting paid for the album this time. Haerin said, “I have nothing in my mind at the moment, but I think I will buy what I need”, adding “I want to have good health for the members and love from fans, which are things that money can’t buy”, drawing admiration with NewJeans’s extraordinary teamwork.

Meanwhile, NewJeans released their new single “OMG” on January 2nd.

Source: Daum

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