NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM and IVE won Rookie Artist of the Year at the 37th Golden Disc Awards

Girl groups swept the Rookie Award at the Golden Disc Awards this year.

On the evening of January 7th, the 37th Golden Disc Awards with TikTok was held at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. Lee Da Hee, Sung Si Kyung, Park So Dam and Nickhun hosted the awards ceremony and announced the Rookie Award winners first.

3 girl groups, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM and IVE, were honored with Rookie Artist of the Year. 

newjeans Golden Disc Awards

NewJeans expressed their feelings, saying “We came to this Golden Disc Awards for the first time. We’re very grateful to have the opportunity to perform in front of Thai fans. Thank you for giving us the award that we can only get once in our career. We’d like to thank CEO Min Hee Jin, ADOR staff members, and our Bunnies”, adding “We also want to thank our hair and makeup staff who always make us shine. Bunnies who shine on us, thank you for always giving me great energy and strength. We’ll also give you energy and strength today”.

le sserafim Golden Disc Awards

Delivering their acceptance speech, LE SSERAFIM said, “We’re very happy to be able to show you all our performance at the Golden Disc Awards. Thank you to the officials who gave us this precious award. We also want to thank Source Music family members who always work hard behind us. In 2023, we will be busier and work harder to show you better performances”. The girl group added, “Thank you to our precious FEARNOTs although expressing our grateful heart in words is not enough. To become singers that fans can be proud of, we will become LE SSERAFIM who always do our best.”

IVE Golden Disc Awards

Only 3 members of IVE attended the award ceremony because others were infected with Covid-19. IVE took the stage and said, “We won the Rookie Award at the Golden Disc Awards with our debut song ‘Eleven’. Thank you so much. Thank you to our Starship family members and IVE staff who have worked really hard for us. The members who can’t be with us today due to personal circumstances are probably watching this. Thanks to our fans, we were able to gain strength and come this far. We will continue to show you our good sides”. The girls ended their speech after saying, “DIVEs, thank you so much. Leeseo ah, congratulations on your middle school graduation! We miss the members so much. We’re very happy to see Thai DIVEs today. We’ll become IVE that continues to work hard in the future”.

Source: Daum

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