New Netflx movie “Unlocked” criticized for illogical script and frustrating female lead 

Audiences of the new Korean movie “Unlocked” are saying that the cast lineup is this film’s “only saving grace”. 

The newly-released Korean movie “Unlocked”, which is adapted from Akira Teshigawara’s novel of the same name and aired on OTT platform Netflix, is drawing attention with its somewhat unique story. 


In particular, “Unlocked” revolves around female lead Chun Woo Hee, an ordinary office worker. However, one day, she fell on the bus after a night of drinking, and lost her smartphone. The phone happened to be picked up by Oh Jun Yeong (Im Si Wan), a creepy man who installed a shady app onto Na Mi’s phone, returned it to her, and used the information he got from the app to threaten Na Mi, control her, and basically ruin her life. 


Despite boasting an extremely intriguing plot, “Unlocked” is deemed as an “underwhelming” adaptation, which fails to develop all of the original novel’s potential. Some audiences also commented that the storyline sometimes becomes illogical, that there is a severe lack of tension, that it is impossible to understand the characters, as well as the connection between them. 


On top of all these, most viewers find the female lead Na Mi to be extremely frustrating. They pointed out countless unreasonable traits about her, such as living in a house with no passcode and trusting a strange man over her best friend. She also severed ties and ended contact with her friend due to a small misunderstanding, and so stumbled into great danger, creating a somewhat shallow and ridiculous friendship. In addition, she continued to use her phone as normal, even though she knew it was hacked, and brought all the issues upon herself. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I set my expectations too high and get disappointed, there are just so many illogical points about this movie 
  • The idea and cast are excellent, but there are just so many things lacking about this film. I think they can do better
  • Did they try to shorten everything to fit the 2-hour runtime? A lot of times, I feel as if the scene were disconnected. 
  • Even after watching, I don’t understand the murderer’s purpose… Meanwhile, the female lead brought everything onto herself 
  • The cast did a great job, especially Im Si Wan, but I can’t say the same for everything else 
  • There’s just no tension in this entire movie… Everything just drags on

Source: k14

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