New K-drama “Alchemy Of Souls” is bringing a visual feast with 3 male characters that represent 3 seasons

The fantasy K-drama “Alchemy Of Souls” is not only drawing attention for its plot, but also for the outstanding visuals of leading characters. 

Having released its first episode on June 18th, “Alchemy Of Souls”, which is written by the famous K-drama screenwriter duo Hong Sisters, has become a hot topic. The series depicts the stories of young magicians who deal with heaven and earth, and follows the female lead Nak Su, an elite warrior whose soul is accidentally trapped inside the weak body of Mu Deok. 

Alchemy Of Souls

Inside Mu Deok’s body, Naksu met Jang Uk, who came from a noble family, but had his power sealed. He also held a dark birth secret, and so became the talk of the nation. 

Soon, Jang Uk recognized Naksu’s true power, and decided to take her on as his master. On the outside, they posed as master and servant, but in reality, they are partners who overcame various challenges for their own wishes and aims.

Alchemy Of Souls

“Alchemy of Souls” brings a gust of fresh wind into the K-drama world, with an exciting and unique plot, alongside a talented and dashing cast. The three main male characters, for example, easily sway the audience’s heart. 

There three male characters, each represent a season of the year, with the lively and energetic Park Dang Gu (Yoo In Soo) as summer, the soft and gentle Seo Yul (Hwang Min Hyun) as fall, and the wounded Jang Uk as winter. 

And the actors behind these characters are actually quite familiar names to K-drama watchers, with notable works and visuals.

Lee Jae Wook

In “Alchemy of Souls”, Lee Jae Wook assumes the role of the male lead Jang Uk. At first sight, he seems like a carefree noble who doesn’t have many concerns, but his past and thoughts contain much severity. 

alchemy of souls

Despite this being a rather tough character,  Lee Jae Wook has pulled off a convincing portrayal, with both hilarity and complexity. 

Born in 1998, Lee Jae Wook became a hot topic after playing the second male lead Baek Kyung in “Extraordinary You”. He also garnered attention through roles in “Search: WWW”, “ Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”, and “When The Weather Is Fine”.

lee jae wook

In “Alchemy of Souls”, Lee Jae Wook once again extended his versatility, starring alongside actress Jung So Min and conveying a story full of action, self-improvement, and at the same time romance. With his acting abilities, Lee Jae Wook is expected to once again show an intense and natural chemistry with his acting partner. 

lee jae wook

Hwang Min Hyun

The second male lead Seo Yul is a gentle, soft, and kind man. In the past, Seo Yul had encountered and fallen for the female lead. 

Alchemy Of Soul

Following this archetype, it’s likely that Seo Yul will be another case of the “second lead syndrome”, where he steals the hearts of all viewers, and yet fails to woo the female lead. 

Alchemy Of Soul

Taking the role of Seo Yul is Hwang Min Hyun, a handsome male idol born in 1995, and a former member of the group NU’EST. His fame exploded after participating in the survival show Produce 101 Season 2 and becoming a member of the project group Wanna One.

hwang minhyun

The idol got his first TV role in 2014 and hasn’t made a noticeable mark so far. He previously gained international attention via the school drama “Live On”, but failed to get recognition for his acting in Korea prior to “Alchemy of Souls”.

Yoo In Soo

yoo in soo

In this series, Yoo In Soo transforms into Park Dang Gu, a humorous character who prefers gossip rather than practicing magic to inherit his family’s legacy. He’s the comic relief character of the show, who brightens up the atmosphere with every scene.

yoo in soo

Earlier this year, Yoo In Soo made a strong impression as the villain Yoon Gwi Nam in “All Of Us Are Dead”. He has unique and sharp facial features that make him suited for villainous roles, making his appearance in “Alchemy of Souls” a pleasant surprise. 

yoo in soo

Despite having started his acting career in 2017, In Soo mostly played supporting characters with little to no screen time. It was not until this year that he achieved his first success thanks to the Netflix zombie series “All Of Us Are Dead”.

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