New historical drama “Moonshine” debuts to promising start, but Hyeri still can’t escape Duk Sun?

Moonshine kicked off with decent ratings but netizens think Hyeri’s acting has not shown any changes.

Moonshine, starring Hyeri and Yoo Seung Ho, recently premiered to promising ratings. Despite not getting much promotion, the first episode of KBS’s new Mon-Tue drama recorded an impressive rating of 7.5% on December 20, the highest across all TV shows that air in the same time slot. The audience also gave many compliments for the drama’s entertaining storyline. 

Moonshine Hyeri
Moonshine Hyeri

Moonshine marks the first-ever historical drama in Hyeri’s career and the second TV series this year of the idol-turned actress. Prior to the first broadcast, there were many doubts about Hyeri’s acting and her character image. Some netizens think Hyeri’s appearance and acting somewhat do not suit historical settings. 

Within expectations, after watching Hyeri’s exaggerated expression in episode 1 of Moonshine, viewers get reminded of her previous character in My Roommate is a Gumiho and of course, the iconic Duk Sun of Reply 1988. It seems that matter what role she takes on, Hyeri always has 2 typical expressions: screaming and eating with her mouth wide open.

Moonshine Hyeri
Hyeri in Reply 1988 and in Moonshine
Moonshine Hyeri
Moonshine Hyeri
Moonshine Hyeri
Moonshine Hyeri

Some comments from the audience:

  • Since when did the Korean public start favoring historical dramas? Every historical series records a high rating
  • I didn’t expect the ratings to be so high
  • I’ve only watched a few cuts, but I think Hyeri’s acting is the same as always
  • Hyeri can’t move on from Duk Sun
  • Duk Sun is so similar to Hyeri, that’s why she was perfect for the role. In later roles, she just can’t escape Duk Sun
  • Am I the only one who is tired of her expressions?

Moonshine airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

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