Netizens accuse Mnet of openly biasing a Korean contestant in Girl Planet 999

That is former Produce 48 contestant Kim Dayeon. They think that she will be promoted by Mnet as the center of the new girl group.

The survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’ is entering a sprint race, looking for the 9 most promising faces for the next project girl group from Mnet station. Therefore, screen time is a factor that almost determines the “go or stay” fate of the top 30. This is also the topic that netizens pulled out to dissect after episode 9 of the show aired.

The main character of this controversy is Kim Dayeon – the center of the Korean team and a former contestant of Produce 48. The reason why netizens are suddenly angry is that the girl was favored too openly in episode 9, more than 50% of the program’s duration. Every situation occurring in this broadcast is said to be directing viewers’ attention towards Dayeon and overwhelming the performance of other trainees.

Kim Dayeon is favored by Mnet house for many spotlight in this 999 week Girls Planet
She is the center of the Snake team
During the group’s performance in the countryside, Dayeon also received the most screen time
Even in the live part of people coming to see the performance, Dayeon captured the attention when performing a Trot song – a genre of music that is loved by middle-aged and elderly people in Korea.
As the only Korean contestant on the team, she performed the song more easily than the other contestants
tably, in the challenge of performing at a resident’s home, the audience continues to be stunned because the house where the team ‘Shoot!’ performing is at Kim Dayeon’s house and the judge is her mother.
the other groups of contestants all had interesting team-based experiences such as climbing mountains, harvesting potatoes on the farm or singing on high-rise buildings, team ‘Shoot!’ was “arranged” to be at Dayeon’s room in her house to write a letter to the female trainee herself
midterm rankings of the trainees were revealed. Unexpectedly, Kim Dayeon rose to the top of the Korean team and ranked 2nd on the chart
This result made a part of the audience feel dissatisfied. They think that taking up an unusually large amount of time in the sprint stage of the contest makes Kim Dayeon a character of interest, inadvertently taking many other potential contestants of the opportunity to shine.

Sources: kenh14

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