NCT Doyoung x “Work Later, Drink Now” actress Han Ji-hyo confirmed to star as leads in new romance drama “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me”

TVing’s new romance drama “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me”, starring NCT Doyoung and Han Ji-hyo, will be released in June.

TVing’s original series “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” (written by Ko Jae-hong and Wang Hye-ji, directed by Ko Jae-hong) is a romance drama telling the story that begins when Seo Hee-soo, an aspiring college student lyricist who has no self-esteem and no self-love, discovers a mysterious lyric notebook that can make anyone fall in love with someone for a month, then her “male friend” Jeong Si-ho and other men become intertwined.

Starting from the imagination of experiences that anyone may have had, “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” is a story about young people in their 20s, who are worrying about their dreams and love, heralding the birth of a realistic drama that draws the viewers’ sympathy.

Actress Han Ji-hyo, who impressed netizens with her outstanding charms and excellent acting skills, was cast for the role of Seo Hee-soo, a college student who dreams of becoming a lyricist and accidentally owns a lyric notebook that can help one achieve love. Han Ji-hyo left a strong impression on the viewers with her appearance as Park Se-jin in TVing’s original series “Work Later, Drink Now” by telling a heartbreaking story that increased the viewers’ immersion. This time, the actress is expected to show diverse emotions when playing the character Seo Hee-soo whose life is changed 180 degrees due to a special lyric notebook with her lack of self-esteem and unique expressions.

NCT Doyoung, who has emerged as an irreplaceable trending star with great performances in different genres, such as singing, drama acting, musical, MC, etc., was cast to play Jeong Si-ho, Hee-soo’s best friend and the only person who knows the secret of her notebook. Doyoung, who has proved his potential as an actor with stable acting and delicate emotional expressions, is expected to maximize the charms, “realistic chemistry” and diverse emotions of Jeong Si-ho, who dares to nag Hee-soo as she keeps repeating meaningless relationships that “expire after one month”.

To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” has already raised the viewers’ curiosity about its story and expectations for the actors’ chemistry. This TVing’s original series will give deep sympathy and excitement to young people who are having many worries between “myself” and “love” with pleasant imagination and trendy sensibility. This drama can be found on TVing in June.

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