Nam Goong Min appears on “Taxi Driver 2” and gives Lee Je Hoon meaningful advice, “Don’t evaluate one’s value based on their look”

“One Dollar Lawyer” Nam Goong Min appeared on the recent broadcast of “Taxi Driver 2”.

The new episode of SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “Taxi Driver 2”, which aired on March 24th, showed Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) meeting with Chun Ji Hoon (Nam Goong Min) and having a conversation.

taxi driver 2

As soon as he appeared, Chun Ji Hoon said, “Excuse me. Can I borrow a coin?”, then approached Kim Do Ki. Seeing the lawsuit papers that Kim Do Ki was holding, Chun Ji Hoon said, “These are lawsuit records. Are they yours? Shall I take a look? I’m a lawyer”, and handed over his business card.

Chun Ji Hoon said, “You must have had a cup of coffee. I’ll take a look at it to thank you in return. It won’t be a loss for you, who are looking for an answer”. Kim Do Ki asked, “Why do you think I am looking for an answer?”. Chun Ji Hoon replied, “It’s written on your face. Just give it to me”, then snatched the papers from Kim Do Ki’s hand.

He continued, “This one is a difficult case. The plaintiff who claimed that the client was wrong must prove it, but all the records are in favor of the other party, who will never give up any evidence that goes against them. It’s already a very unfair game from the beginning. There is one more disadvantage. This person had no one on their side from the beginning! That’s what I thought.”

taxi driver 2

Chun Ji Hoon made a meaningful remark, saying “If you work at a noisy construction site for decades, your voice would naturally become rough and louder. This may have sounded somewhat aggressive to ordinary people. You look like a good person when dressing neatly, but you may appear as a bad person in the eyes of others when dressing messily. But isn’t it wrong to underestimate someone’s value just because they don’t use sophisticated language?”.

When Chun Ji Hoon asked Kim Do Ki to recommend someone who needs legal advice among his taxi passengers, saying “I’ll give you half of my fee for an introduction”. In response, Kim Do Ki said, “It says the fee is only 1,000 won.” Chun Ji Hoon replied, “It’s very easy to give out one out of ten but it’s hard to give out half of one”, then left with a smile.

Source: Daum

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