“My private life was taken…”… AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk revealed everything, from his appearance in “National Singing Contest” to his open car videos

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk expressed his honest thoughts regarding his sister Lee Su-hyun’s dating issues and several behind-the-scenes stories of his recent activities.

Lee Chan-hyuk appeared in a recently released content video on the Youtube channel “1theK Originals”. According to Lee Chan-hyuk’s profile on a portal site, he would become really precautious when his sister has a boyfriend. Explaining this, Lee Chan-hyuk said, “I guess this is a story from the time when I was a minor. Now I don’t get precautious at all.”

Lee Chan-hyuk, who made headlines for his unusual appearance with a sofa in the middle of the street a few days ago, shared, “I was staying like that for almost one hour”, adding “Although it’s not shown in the video, I’ve heard all sorts of words from people. There were many people passing by me as they said ‘What is he doing?’. What I heard the most was ‘He’s that guy. Su-hyun’s brother’, ‘It’s him. Lee Su-hyuk’, etc. I heard this word so many times”.

akmu lee chan hyuk

He continued, “Su-hyun doesn’t get to hear a word like ‘Lee Chan-hyun’, you know. But I hear the word Lee Su-hyuk often”, adding “It’s something that motivated me to work harder”.

Lee Chan-hyuk has been releasing unique content through his Youtube channel since before the release of his solo album. In this regard, he emphasized, “I found that there were many people who still think that I’m showing a concept even now. I’m always like this. I really spend my time like this every day”.

akmu lee chanhyuk

Revealing the behind-the-scenes story of the video showing Lee Chan-hyuk in an open car with his headphones on that caused a stir online, he confessed, “I was not listening to anything”. When asked, “It’s a concept then, huh?”, Lee Chan-hyuk responded, “Instead of calling it a concept… This one is a video that clearly has a purpose”. He continued, “When we play any Youtube video, they start by saying hello, right? They provide the content in such a kind way, right? ‘This is a content for you’, do you like this one? I thought that I wanna try a content that’s beyond that type somehow”, adding “I won’t let people know what I’m listening to. They’d think that I’m listening to something, but actually, I’m not listening to anything”, explaining the message he wanted to deliver.

akmu lee chanhyuk

Regarding the stage “Dissonance” on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 10”, which was a hot issue, Lee Chan-hyuk said, “Instead of saying that I’ve expected it to be impactful since I received an offer of featuring on this song, I thought that the time has come”, adding “I was waiting for the time for me to reveal my thoughts in an exceptional way. Those were the thoughts I had usually, and it felt like those were posted on a really large frame, you know?”

akmu lee chanhyuk

Lee Chan-hyuk was recently caught in the audience crowd of KBS 1TV’s “National Singing Contest”. He explained, “This one is not my official schedule”, adding “It’s just my private life, and my private life was taken”. When asked about the reason he showed up in “National Singing Contest”, Lee Chan-hyuk said, “I could hear songs as I’m walking nearby. People were saying that ‘National Singing Contest’ is held. So, that’s why I went there”. As the staff asked “You weren’t actually invited”, he replied “No”.

akmu lee chanhyuk

Lee Chan-hyuk, who joined the Marine Corps in 2017, also confessed his intention to enlist at that time. He said, “The last album we released before that was the one that includes ‘LAST GOODBYE’, and I decided to enlist after then”, adding “I wondered, ‘What should I do after releasing an album? We’ll probably have a concert, right? What should I do after the concert? Releasing an album, right?’. Then I suddenly thought ‘Why am I doing music?’”.

akmu lee chanhyuk

Lee Chan-hyuk then confessed, “I thought I should give myself a hard time. Thinking “Let’s just destroy myself once”, I went to a new place, got new inspiration, and put myself in a situation where I don’t take control of myself, but a situation where others control me.”

After listening again to the military song he wrote when he was in the Marine Corps, Lee Chan-hyuk proudly said, “I did make it so well”. When asked if he received copyright fees, he explained, “That’s a talent donation”, adding “Instead, I received a 5-day stand-down”.

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