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“My ex-boyfriend was a famous idol group member. Even his fans knew me”… The confession on “Love Recall” that shocked everyone

The story of a Recall woman who went on the show to find her first love 10 years ago has been revealed.

On the October 24th broadcast of KBS2’s “Love Recall”, Recall men and Recall women joined under the theme of “A relationship I can’t forget even after 10 years”.

On this day, Recall woman Lee Jung-hyun said, “I met him through my friend’s introduction. We dated for about two years”. She surprised everyone by revealing that her ex-boyfriend used to work as an idol group member.

love recall

Lee Jung-hyun explained, “I met him for the first time when we were trainees. We were ordinary people but he made his debut while we were dating. Their first song was totally a hit”.

Recalling the past she continued, “We met and had some meals with each other 2-3 times but didn’t know we’d date. Then I once went to the dorm where he lived with his members and he introduced me as the woman he loved. That’s when we started dating”.

Regarding the reason for their breakup, she said, “There were external impacts and practical problems. I think the company knew about my existence”, adding “Since we had been dating even before his debut, his fans also knew me. There was a time when a fan approached me and asked ‘You’re wearing that couple ring with him, right?’”.

love recall

When asked if she had met him again after breaking up, Lee Jung-hyun said, “When I was working as a flight attendant, that group got on the flight I was in charge. We ran into each other as a flight attendant and a passenger”, adding “I also found it amazing. My seniors met many other celebrities, but I already saw that group 3 times”.

In the end, the Recall man did not appear on the broadcast. However, through his acquaintance, he left a short message, saying “Since I’ve already stepped aside from the broadcasting industry, I feel burdened about appearing on broadcasts”. 

Source: Wikitree

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