“Marry My Husband” Song Ha Yoon Once Caught in Dating Rumors with This Controversial Chinese Actor 

After a somewhat low-key acting career spanning two decades, Song Ha Yoon is finally in the spotlight, all thanks to the drama “Marry My Husband.”

song ha yoon

In the series, she plays the role of a mistress wrecking her best friend’s family. Her real-life love story is also gaining attention. 

Turns out, Song Ha Yoon caused a stir with dating photos featuring the Chinese actor Huang Xuan. Back in 2016, paparazzi caught the two on a date. Huang Xuan was rumored to have taken a flight to Korea to celebrate Song Ha Yoon’s birthday on December 3, 2016, and then headed back to China on December 7, 2016.

Song Ha Yoon

In an interview, Huang Xuan talked about his ideal type – someone who shares his love for traveling. And Song Ha Yoon happens to be someone who loves exploring new places.

The dating pics had everyone surprised since the two had never really interacted before, not to mention the geographical gap and language barriers. 

JYP Entertainment, Song Ha Yoon’s company at the time, stayed silent regarding the rumor. 

Their dating drama lingered on until 2017, when Huang Xuan was caught on a date with a mystery woman in China. It seemed like the love story between Song Ha Yoon and Huang Xuan had ended. 

Huang Xuan

Born in 1985, Huang Xuan made his debut in 2008 and graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy’s Music and Drama department the same year.

There were even rumors of Huang Xuan making a move on Yang Mi. On the set of the drama “Translator,” Huang Xuan caught some flak for allegedly caressing Yang Mi’s thigh while carrying her. He got slammed for supposedly taking advantage of the scene, and Yang Mi faced some heat too for shrugging it off.

Huang Xuan

QQ then stepped in to set the record straight for Huang Xuan. According to their investigation, he was just checking if Yang Mi’s pants got accidentally rolled up. 

Huang Xuan

Huang Xuan also discussed his moves with Yang Mi before making any contact. Yang Mi was dressed in a very short outfit that day, and two staff members had to help her sort out the wardrobe malfunction.

Source: K14

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