‘Marry My Husband’ Song Ha-yoon Finally Embracing the Light Since Changing Her Stage Name from Kim Byeol

Actress Song Ha-yoon expressed her thoughts after the end of ‘Marry My Husband’

Actress Song Ha-yoon shared her thoughts after the conclusion of “Marry My Husband,” stating, “I worked with a joyful lifestyle magazine for confident singles, revealing a photoshoot and interview on the 22nd.”

In the unveiled photoshoot, Song Ha-yoon exuded a sophisticated and enchanting atmosphere in a black dress, while in another, she captivated with her innocent yet elegant charm.

Song Ha-yoon

Song Ha-yoon received much love for her role as Jung Soo-min in the TVN drama “Marry My Husband,” which ended on the 20th.

To understand her role better, she said, “I started studying the character as if studying for an exam, approaching it not with emotions but with logic, and even consulted profilers.”

She also revealed, “Through filming, I discovered that even if the character doesn’t fully become me, there are many emotions that I can express.”

Song Ha-yoon

Song Ha-yoon, who prepared for this project for a whole year, said, “I have never experienced depression while acting. There were difficult times, but I was able to find healthy ways to overcome them each time.”

Song Ha-yoon’s photoshoot and interview, marking her heyday through “Marry My Husband,” can be found in the March issue of Singles magazine.

Born in 1986, Song Ha-yoon debuted in 2003 under the stage name Kim Byeol, later changing it to Song Ha-yoon. Since her debut, she has appeared in numerous works such as “Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School,” “Nonstop 5,” “Ghost,” “Reset,” “Sweden Laundry,” and “Fight for My Way.”

Source: Wikitree

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