“Marry My Husband” Chef – Foodie Couple Goes Viral for How Cute They Are 

Marry My Husband” is really proving its popularity, recording the top rating for Korean shows during the week and claiming the global throne on online streaming platforms.

Besides the main cast, Baek Eun Ho (Lee Gi Kwang) and Yoo Hee Yeon (Choi Gyu Ri) are also winning viewers’ hearts. Eun Ho used to be Ji Won’s (Park Min Young) classmate and first love, while Hee Yeon is her kind coworker who’s had Ji Won’s back since her ‘rebirth,’ so both characters are sincerely rooting for Ji Won’s happiness.

Eun Ho still has feelings for Ji Won, so things have not not started between Eun Ho and Hee Yeon yet, but fans are absolutely loving this charming and adorable couple – one’s a pro chef, the other’s a total foodie. According to the original webtoon plot, they’re on track to officially become a couple towards the end.

On social media, photos and videos of the two are blowing up with interactions. A video gained over 4 million views, showcasing their sweet moments. Comments are flooded with high hopes for this foodie couple’s love story just like Ji Won – Ji Hyuk, as both pairs radiate positivity, cuteness, and kindness. Plus, Eun Ho and Hee Yeon also perfectly match looks-wise.

Source: K14

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