MAMAMOO Hwasa took off her shoes and ran around freely in a bikini

The picturesque silhouette and carefree vibe of MAMAMOO member Hwasa in a recent update draws a lot of attention. 

On January 27th, MAMAMOO Hwasa posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption, “A happy color.”


In a photo, Hwasa showed off her free-spirited charm by running barefoot on the beach in a bikini, while holding shoes in one hand. Another photo exuded a sense of leisure, where Hwasa can be seen from the back, looking at the wide sea and sky and enjoying nature.


Seeing Hwasa’s stunning silhouette that seems straight out of a painting, netizens left comments such as “You are still a hot girl”, “Are you in Bali?”, and “I hope you have a good time”. 

On the other hand, after making her debut as a member of girl group MAMAMOO in 2014, Hwasa received a lot of love with hit songs such as “Um Oh Ah Yeah”, “Egotistic”, “gogobebe”, “Décalcomanie”, and “HIP”. 


Afterwards, Hwasa began his solo career and gained popularity with “Maria”  and “TWIT”, at the same time drawing attention with appearances in MBC’s “I Live Alone” and “Hangout with Yoo”. She is currently the MC of tvN’s entertainment program “Hwasa Show”, which is named after herself. 

Source: wikitree 

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