Look at the duality of these male idols, fans cannot believe they are the same person

Whichever image they have, these male idols also occupy the heart of the fans

Along with vocals, standard appearance and charisma always contribute importantly to the success of a performance of the boy group. Instead of the concept of “Boy over flowers”, the charismatic, attractive image on stage is being pursued by many male idols and also receiving great love from fans. But contrary to the extreme on stage, these idols are friendly and close enough that many fans do not dare to believe that two opposing images can exist in one person.

Lucas (NCT)

After debuting in NCT U, the 19-year-old male idol has made the fans shocked because of the temptation to perform on stage like no other. Not only being a talented rapper, but the ability to dance well with charisma at every stage of performance is also the reason many fans cannot take their eyes off him.


However, many fans have been surprised when learned about the duality of Lucas in real life. On the stage, he is cool, but in real life, he is a hilarious “Thai prince”. Recently, male idols also brought his humor to the program “Happy Together 3” when he claimed to be SM’s most handsome and said that the reason girls do not like me.



After 5 years of debut, the charm of the V increases through each comeback. The warm vocals his on the stage always make people feel dizzy.

Fancam”Singularity” (Love Yourself concert) – V (BTS)

However, the idol born in 1995 again expressed a different “face” when leaving the stage. Instead of being cold, cool, the personality of “the most handsome face in the world” is extremely fun and friendly. Collection of ordinary expressions of V will also make you cannot stop laughing.

Jimin (BTS)

Just as his friend V, Jimin showed his rising visuals on stage. Besides the vocal, the seductive expression and good dance ability helped him to win the hearts of the fans.

Fancam “Fake Love” – ​​BTS (Jimin Focus)

It seems like V and Jimin are two members with a fairly similar character. If you are used to a charismatic Jimin on stage then you will feel like experiencing a whole new world to know the male idol is a guy who is nice and cute in real life.

Kai (EXO)

Though not highly regarded for his vocals, Kai still dominates the fans’ hearts with his duality. The most fascinating point of EXO’s members on the stage is a wild beauty, extreme body and seductive soul dance that he brings to the audience.

I See You – Kai EXO (Solo Dance)

But it was EXO’s management who also took off the duality of the male idol: “Kai has two sides in his body. When he performs, fans go crazy. When he came downstairs here turned to his youthful age, he would go around to poke EXO’s members and the manager again. He is a lovely and pure kid.”

Taeyong (NCT)

Like Lucas, it was not accidental that Taeyong was SM pushed in the NCT U. Because of the handsome appearance and cool eyes on the stage that many fans have knocked down in front of this SM new generation god.

Cherry Bomb – NCT (Taeyong focus)

Yet, without a strong make-up and stepping away from the stage, the male idol changes 180 degrees back to his lovely, friendly side.

Taemin (SHINee)

Another SM’s “dance machine” shows the duality colors. Whether standing in SHINee’s lineup or acting solo, Taemin’s youngest brother also made the fans go crazy for his choreography and charismatic expression. Therefore, this male idol often performs solo dance performances on stage or big awards.

“Guess Who” +”Soldier” + “Goodbye” – Taemin (SHINee) Dance Solo

However, many fans is intrigued by the cute and young side of this 1993 idol.

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