“Little Women” actress Park Bo-kyung cast in new film “Hwaran”, working hard from dramas to movies

Actress Park Bo-kyung will move to the big screen after finishing the drama “Little Women”.

According to an official in the movie industry on September 23rd, Park Bo-kyung recently confirmed her appearance in the movie “Hwaran”.

Co-produced by Sanai Pictures and HiStory, “Hwaran” is a noir film about precarious people who make risky choices in order to escape from hellish reality.

With actor Song Joong-ki and rookie Hong Sa-bin being chosen to play the main characters, “Hwaran” is raising high expectations from movie fans. Actress Park Bo-kyung has also been cast to increase the density of the work.

After gaining acting experience through theater plays, such as “Attic Cat”, “Judo Boy”, “Me and Granpa”, etc., Park Bo-kyung later expanded her activities and starred in various works, such as movies “The Mayor”, “The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil”, “Man of Men”, JTBC’s series “Beyond Evil”, tvN’s “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”, “Hospital Playlist”, Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice”.

In particular, her performance as a villain in tvN’s ongoing drama “Little Women” is very well-received. The actress was complimented for perfectly portraying a cruel and mean character, who does whatever ways she can as the right-hand assistant of her master. Together with her husband – actor Jin Sun-kyu, who plays a villain in the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, the two are drawing keen attention as a “villain couple”.

Park Bo-kyung is expected to add more fun to her next movie “Hwaran” by playing an impactful and intense character. Attention is focused on what acting performance Park Bo-kyung, who becomes the scene-stealer of every work she appears in, will present in “Hwaran”.

Source: daum

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