Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ and ‘MONEY’ are removed from Tiktok; the viral video with 1.4 million views has also disappeared?

BlackPink Lisa and her fans may have had a bad month since bad luck kept striking the female idol.

Recently, BLACKPINK Lisa has been involved in lots of dramas. When things started to calm down, Lisa fans once again got startled realizing ‘LALISA’ choreography video on BLACKPINK‘s official Tiktok account was marked “unavailable”.

LISA keeps on getting bad luck: 'LALISA' and 'MONEY' disappeared from Tiktok, the trending video with 1.4 million views was also not found?
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In addition, the Tiktok playlist features ‘MONEY’ disappeared, and the song was also not found.

There was a high possibility that Lisa’s video and the song ‘MONEY’ had had some copyrights issues. Therefore, all the Tiktok videos that use ‘LALISA’ or ‘MONEY’ were muted or temporarily removed.

However, this issue only happened for a short period. Everything has gone back to normal. Lisa’s video and the song ‘MONEY’ can now be found again. It seems like it was Tiktok’s system errors. What a relief!

Recently, a major conflict has just erupted between the BLINK and YG communities. The label is accused of restricting many of Lisa’s personal activities, scheduling a short time to promote her solo debut, and even refusing to allow the female idol to participate in any variety shows or fashion events.

Furthermore, Lisa's own YouTube channel does not link to YG artist profiles while both Jennie and Rosé's channels do.
Furthermore, Lisa’s own YouTube channel does not link to YG artist profiles while both Jennie and Rosé’s channels do.

Furthermore, her personal playlist was mysteriously removed from the YG Entertainment official page on the Spotify platform. Meanwhile, Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie’s playlists are still available. Despite the fact that Lisa’s playlist has been returned, fans still think that YG treat Lisa unfairly.

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