Lim Ji Yeon’s double joy…Admit to dating and renew contract with current agency

Actress Lim Ji Yeon renewed her contract with the current agency Artist Company.

On April 1st, Artist Company announced, “We have renewed our contract with actress Lim Ji Yeon. As we are together based on mutual trust, we will fully support Lim Ji Yeon so that she can continue to be more active as an actress in the future.”

lim ji yeon

Since her debut, Lim Ji Yeon has been moving back and forth between dramas and movies as well as showing her in-depth acting skills in works of various genres.

In particular, she played the role of Park Yeon Jin in Netflix’s series “The Glory” and received favorable reviews for her perfect performance even though it was her first villain role. She is also loved by global viewers beyond Korea thanks to her fashion items in the drama as well as buzzwords such as “You’re cool, Yeon Jin!”.

In addition, she has been receiving love calls from a number of pictorials and advertisements, establishing herself as the “best star of 2023”.

Lim Ji Yeon will meet the public with a new face different from “The Glory” through her next works “A House with a Yard” and “National Death Penalty Vote”.


Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun, who worked together in the popular series “The Glory”, admitted their romantic relationship.

On April 1st, Lee Do Hyun’s agency Yuehua Entertainment Korea admitted that Lim Ji Yeon and Lee Do Hyun are dating. They said, “The two are carefully getting to know each other with good feelings between close senior and junior.”

Lim Ji Yeon’s agency Artist Company expressed the same position.

Meanwhile, Artist Company is a comprehensive entertainment group that produces various contents such as movies and dramas. It includes actors Ahn Sung Ki, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae, Yum Jung Ah, Park Hae Jin, Kim Jong Soo, Park So Dam, Bae Seong Woo, Kim Ye Won, Shin Jung Geun, Kim Jun Han, Pyo Ji Hoon (P.O), Cho Yi Hyun, Jang Dong Joo, Cha Rae Hyung, Kim Yoon Do, Choi Kyung Hoon and Yoo Jung Hoo.

Source: naver

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