Lee Sun-kyun to attend second police summons today (Nov 4th) “Will he break the silence?”

Actor Lee Sun-kyun faces a second police summons for investigation. As he had previously remained silent about drug use allegations, all eyes are on whether he will finally speak up

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit summons Lee Sun-kyun as a suspect in violation of the Narcotics Control Act, including allegations of marijuana and psychotropic drug use.

Lee Sun-kyun is accused of using marijuana and psychotropic drugs at a residence belonging to adult entertainment establishment head A in Gangnam, Seoul since early this year. Police reportedly discovered the allegations during their investigation into drug distribution at adult entertainment establishments last month.

Previously, Lee Sun-kyun was questioned by police on October 28th. At that time, police conducted a preliminary drug test on Lee Sun-kyun and also sent his hair and urine samples to the National Forensic Service for a detailed analysis. Both the preliminary test and the official analysis yielded negative results for drugs. Therefore, police believe Lee Sun-kyun has not used drugs for the past 8~10 months.

However, the police plan to continue their investigation since Lee Sun-kyun claimed that he handed over around 300 million won to A under threat. They will explore the possibility that he used drugs around 8~10 months ago.

In the initial questioning, Lee Sun-kyun refused to give a statement regarding his drug use. The police stated that he had refused to make a statement, but Lee Sun-kyun’s legal representative told Star News, “Refusing to give a statement and exercising the right to remain silent are different. He’ll clarify in the next formal investigation.”

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The outcome of Lee Sun-kyun’s stance on drug use allegations during the second summons is being closely monitored. The police plan to interrogate him further based on A’s statement and other evidence.

Previously, in the first summons, Lee Sun-kyun lowered his head and said, “First of all, I’m very sorry for disappointing many people due to a shameful incident. Above all, I apologize to everyone who has believed in and supported me. As stated through my agency, my stance on actively cooperating with the investigation agency remains unchanged. I’m sorry to my family who is enduring great pain at this very moment. Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone. I will cooperate sincerely with the investigation.”

Source: Star News Korea

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