Lee Sun-bin mastered the mosquito dance on “Work Later, Drink Now” as if taught by her boyfriend Lee Kwang-soo

Actor Lee Sun-bin perfectly covered her boyfriend of 3 years, Lee Kwangsoo’s signature dance, sparking laughter. 

On Nov 28th, TVING’s web series “Work Later, Drink Now” released a video titled “A legendary behind-the-scene compilation for those who cannot let go of Work Later, Drink Now”.

The making videos show lead actors Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa and Jung Eun-ji working hard to their last shooting.

All moments gave off lively energy and showed off the girls’ close relationship.

Among the highlight moments was a figure standing amid a Christmas tree and a snowman, showing off their comical dance.

In particular, Lee Sun-bin received attention by performing the “Mosquito Dance”, which reminds everyone of Lee Kwangsoo, who is in a public relationship with her.

Lee Sun-bin was seen moving her body to the rhythm while waving her long arms and legs. She covered the famous dance so skillfully as if she has been taught by the owner of the dance, Lee Kwangsoo himself, making everybody laugh.

Lee Sun-bin then expressed her regret, saying, “The reason why I am so sad now is because today is our last filming day.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-bin and Lee Kwang-soo revealed in December 2018 that they have been dating for 5 months. They once appeared together on SBS’s “Running Man” in 2016, excited the audience with their pink atmosphere.

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