Lee Sang-soon mentions Jeju cafe controversy “I thought I’d run it quietly”

Lee Sang-soon mentioned the cafe that caused controversy last year

On Dec 10th, a video featuring Lee Sang-soon was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Fairy Jae-hyung”. In the video, Lee Sang-soon shared his current situation, “I’m living my life as a cafe owner.”

Lee Hyo-ri, who previously appeared on “Fairy Jae-hyung”, revealed that she watched a video titled “5 reasons why Lee Sang-soon regretted starting a cafe”. Lee Sang-soon explained, “I have to watch that kind of thing. That way, I can refer to the reasons for failure and operate well.

Then, Jung Jae-hyung asked, “Do you have a reason for being interested in coffee?” Lee Sang-soon replied, “I’ve liked coffee since a long time ago. If I wanted to go get some delicious coffee, I had to drive for an hour. So, I made it near my house with the intention of introducing delicious specialty coffee.”

When asked “Did you think you’d run it quietly?“, Lee Sang-soon honestly said, “Actually, I thought so. Before opening, we contacted Naver, Daum, Google to take down all the information. We didn’t even think about Instagram.”

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In July last year, Lee Sang-soon opened a cafe in Dongbok-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju. The eyewitness accounts of Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri’s cafe spread through SNS on the opening day, creating a buzz. As a result, a large crowd gathered at Lee Sang-soon’s cafe, and after operating for only 2 days, he decided to temporarily suspend business and introduced a reservation system.

Afterwards, some residents expressed discomfort with the crowds gathering early in the morning. In particular, former Saenuri Party member Jeon Yeo-ok criticized, “Lee Sang-soon and Lee Hyo-ri, do you really need to open a cafe?

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In response, Lee Sang-soon stated, “My wife has nothing to do with this cafe. I’ll do my best to ensure that the residents do not suffer. At the cafe, which has been changed to a reservation system, three baristas will do their best to provide good specialty coffee.”

Source: Nate

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