Lee Ji Ah surprised by the party with princess items and cake prepared by staff, “You prepared this in a rush, right?”

Staff held a party to congratulate actress Lee Ji Ah on wrapping up her drama filming.

On April 1st, Lee Ji Ah’s agency BH Entertainment uploaded a video titled “You can’t prepare this in a rush..! Team JIAH’s love. For JIAH prepared little by little”.

The released video showed Lee Ji Ah finishing the filming of tvN’s drama “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”.

The actress said, “I just completed the filming. I’ve lived as Hong Tae Ra for eight months”, adding “It’s so regretful and sad to let her go”.

She continued, “I’ll be back with another work soon. This is my first time filming two works in a year.”

Seeing the surprise party prepared by the staff, Lee Ji Ah said, “I saw the balloon. To be honest, you prepared it in a rush, right?”

The staff decorated the car with the universe concept. Lee Ji Ah expressed admiration, saying “That’s so amazing”.

While enjoying the cake, the actress also took a proof shot with a set of princess items. The staff emphasized, “We can’t do this in a rush…”, drawing laughter.

Source: Naver

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