Lee Hyori Changed her Mindset about Makeup after a Controversy? 

On February 7 at 6:00 PM (KST), Lee Hyori appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel “SuperMarket Sora”. 

On this day, Lee Hyori revealed that she hurriedly did her makeup in the car instead of visiting a salon before going out for dinner with her husband Lee Sang-soon.  

In addition, Lee Hyori said, “Did you witness the last time I attended the Burberry show? I realized recently that if I try too hard (wearing makeup), there’s a high chance of failure. So now, I think I shouldn’t be too ambitious about makeup.”

It is known that last year, Lee Hyori sparked controversy with her distinctive freckle makeup at an event held by luxury brand Burberry. She later shared the photos of this makeup look and dissed herself, saying, “I lost, but I fought well”.

The female star also responded to criticisms and comments that she should change her makeup salon by posting a video asking for specific advice.

Lee Hyori also confessed that since she took a break for a while, she thought that she shouldn’t try fashion and excessive makeup anymore. 

“It’s charming, but now I think it’s better not to try. I’ve tried everything when I was young, but I still feel like I’m being too ambitious. Now, I think I should just be comfortable”, Lee Hyori stated, revealing a changed mindset.

It seems that Lee Hyori is now preferring lighter and more natural makeup compared to a heavier style like in her youth, and this shows with her recent natural appearance in “Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet”. 

Source: Naver

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