Lee Hyo-ri, “If I could go back 20 years ago… I would adopt abandoned dogs earlier + meet other guys”

Lee Hyo-ri shared about her life when she was a superstar.

Lee Hyo-ri appeared on MBC Every1’s “Tteokbokki Brothers”, which aired on May 31st.

On this day, Lee Hyo-ri talked about her life as an icon and superstar of her generation, saying “I lived a really busy life for about 15 years. I had 3 or 4 schedules a day. I was really tired and had no time to think because I kept moving everywhere. I had to go if they told me to. There were too many schedules and advertisements shootings so I just did everything without thinking.”

Lee Hyori

She confessed, “I became more sensitive. Now that when I think of it, I realized that I was sensitive about unnecessary things. Seeing myself on broadcast, I even wonder ‘Why did I wear those earrings?’, ‘What’s so important about that?’. However, at that time, I was worried about each detail and everything and there were times when I felt like my popularity was going to decrease and I was going to lose everything.”

Lee Hyori

When asked if she suffered any mental difficulties, Lee Hyo-ri drew attention as she said, “No, not at all. I slept really well. People said I had to take sleeping pills but I actually slept well. Of course, there were times when I was depressed but it only lasted for no more than two hours. Not too long. I tried not to fall too deep in such feelings.”

Lee Hyori

When asked “What if you could go back to 20 years ago?”, Lee Hyo-ri surprised everyone by answering, “I will definitely go “. Lee Hyo-ri said, “I want to live with my current heart. I will not be picky, I will live nicer to people and embrace them more. If I adopted abandoned dogs when my influence was greater, wouldn’t this good deed be widely known? I regret that I started doing this when my popularity already declined a lot. If I could go back to that time, I would be more polite and care about other people more even though I’m a top star. I can live a different life. And I can meet other men.”

Lee Hyori

She said, “You can do anything when you’re young. I think I might not live like a superstar. New things make us feel excited but they also bring tiredness. A comfortable, routine, and predictable life is now better than such tensions. Now, I often sit in the yard listening to the birds singing. If I want to do a show, I just come and talk like this. If no one calls me, I will think ‘I guess I’m an unnecessary person now’.”

Lee Hyori

In addition, Lee Hyo-ri said, “Aren’t BTS and Lee Jung-jae superstars these days? I’m not a superstar anymore. But we’re all the same. That’s domestic consumption”, drawing laughter. When Ji Seok-jin asked about the comeback of Refund Sisters, Lee Hyo-ri shared, “I want to do it if there is a chance. I really love it. But Hwasa and Jessi are so busy. They’re so busy so I don’t want to bring up things. Hwasa and Jessi have many foreign fans. I would feel so sorry for my juniors when people say ‘Who is Lee Hyo-ri? She’s attractive’”.

Regarding Fin.K.L, she replied, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but Jin is living in New York and Yuri is raising a baby, so it’s practically hard to do. Whether it is Fin.K.L or each of us, if we release an album, it won’t enter the charts.”

Source: Daum

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